I offer a comprehensive set of services to maintain and recover balance. Starting with a clinical evaluation, we customize this service bundle to treat the whole person. Balance therapy services include one-on-one physical therapy, group sessions, and Therapeutic & Aerial Yoga.


Balance is complex. It's affected by the systems governing your vision, inner ear, muscles, joints, and brain. The successful interaction of these systems depends on mobility in all three planes of motion, and three-dimensional action often becomes limited with age. We can help you counteract these limitations and adopt more functionally efficient movement patterns.


We will find an alternative to pharmaceutical solutions and a break from clinical environments. Your balance therapy may be covered by Medicare or insurance. And best of all, treating your balance concerns can help you meet other wellness and activity goals.


Your balance therapy will start with a thorough history and clinical evaluation. During that first meeting, we also provide a basic overview of the Feldenkrais Method® . With its deep understanding of movement re-education and brain plasticity, this method is fully integrated into our approach to balance retraining. 



Gait instability


Mobility limitations, such as arthritis and chronic pain


Stroke recovery


Multiple sclerosis


Parkinson's disease


Vestibular disorders